Daylesford attractions

Once you book online to stay in our luxury accommodation at The Daylesford Royal Hotel there are plenty of other attractions to see while staying in town. Located in among a natural mineral springs area, Daylesford is a town where the beauty of the natural region can be enjoyed by taking rambling walks though the scenic hills and forest surrounding the town, visiting the botanical gardens or exploring the numerous lakes and mineral springs in the area.

The Sunday market held at the old railway station is an enticement in itself where a huge range of farmer’s produce can be bought or you can browse through, or buy, from the variety of homemade goods or bric-brac. The markets are the ideal place to meet Daylesford locals, buy, browse, and have a chat, coffee or snack.

Daylesford is a beautiful rural town with its history on show in the many buildings with Victorian architecture, a legacy of the town’s former gold mining days in the 1800s. It is a town that can become a bustling centre when busy with a town centre ideal to meander through.

The Daylesford Royal Hotel is the perfect place to stay to enjoy the area’s attractions or simply to have some time away. Contact us online for more information.